Jan. 17, 2022

Spirituality & Motherhood Episode 20: Joan Dizon & Alexandria Moran

Spirituality & Motherhood Episode 20: Joan Dizon & Alexandria Moran
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In this episode I chat with Alexandria Moran and Joan Dizon, Co-Authors of Psychic Baby: Your mind is magic.

Our little tête-à-tête includes how motherhood can initiate you into your spiritual gifts, the importance of honoring your gifts, and the joys of watching children embrace their gifts. 

Curious to know more about Joan and Alexandria? I've included their bios below and you can always learn more here: https://www.thirdeyepsychicschool.com/.

Joan Dizon is a wife & mom of three boys, entrepreneur, powerful clairvoyant psychic reader & healer, dancer, and world traveler.

She helps families, and especially moms all over the world, to find and use their natural clairvoyant psychic abilities to cultivate balance, healing, and peace through the chaos and overwhelm of motherhood. She also helps mothers teach their children clairvoyant skills early on so that they can harness their own psychic abilities in a fun and creative way.

Joan's mission in life is to gently remind parents and children that psychic sight is as normal as hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, and tasting. And it's as healing and powerful as you can ever imagine.

Alexandria Moran is a mother, clairvoyant healer, teacher, and creator of the Third Eye Psychic School - an online educational platform for people of all ages to learn how to embrace their inherent, natural, and powerful clairvoyant gifts.

Through the Psychic Baby series, her mission is to help empower families in raising children who trust their inner wisdom and listen to their inner voice.

Thanks for being here. Don't forget if you have anything you'd like to hear me tackle on this podcast, you can contact me on Instagram @Spirituality_Motherhood_Pod or leave me a message at Spirituality and Motherhood Podcast.com

Talk to you soon! 
Immense Blessings

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Psychic Baby Project 

[00:00:00] Jeannette: Peace and innumerable blessings and welcome, welcome. Welcome to the spirituality and motherhood podcast, where we reside in that sacred space, where spirituality meets motherhood. And in this sacred space we explore everything from how ancestral and earth based spiritual practices and paths shape motherhood to how having spiritual gifts impacts your experience as a mother. 

[00:00:21] My name is Jeanette Lancien and I'm your hostess. I'm the mother of two boys, a Hoodoo psychic, a tree talker, and a lay herbalist. Oh my God thank you so much for being here. I thank you for listening. Thank you for rolling. May peace be upon you and yours during this time. Let's dig in for this episode. For this episode, we're going to be talking to Joan and Alexandria the co-authors of the book, psychic baby psychic baby is a book series, excuse me. And it's an introduction to the power of imagination, as a means to nurture your natural born psychic abilities, I'm going to read their bios and then we're going to dig into this interview, cause there's a lot in this interview. 

[00:01:11] So Joan is a wife, a mother of three boys a entrepreneur, a powerful clairvoyant, psychic reader and healer, a dancer, and a world traveler. She helps families and especially moms all over the world to find and use their natural clairvoyant, psychic abilities to cultivate balance healing and peace through the chaos and overwhelm of motherhood. 

[00:01:37] She also helps mothers teach their children clairvoyant skills early on so that they can harness their own psychic abilities in a fun and creative way. Joan's mission in life is to gently remind parents and children that psychic sight is as normal as hearing, seeing touching smelling and tasting, and it's as healing as powerful as you could ever imagine.  

[00:02:02] Alexandria is a mother clairvoyant, healer teacher and creator of the third eye psychic school, an online educational platform for people of all ages to learn about how to embrace their inherent, natural and powerful clairvoyant gifts. Through the psychic baby series her mission is to empower families in raising children who trust their inner wisdom and listened to their inner voice. 

[00:02:31] If you want to learn more about the third eye psychic school, you can check it out at www third eye T H I R D E Y E P S Y C H I C S C H O OL. Dot com you can also find psychic baby the first book of the series on Amazon, this interview was very interesting in the sense that it reminded me of the innate wisdom we all have and how important it is in life to connect with and be guided by that wisdom. 

[00:03:15] But before I say anymore, Let's dig on in. I pray this interview is a blessing to you and I can't wait to talk to you on the other side. Peace. 


[00:03:35] Jeannette: Okay, so here we go. That's exactly how social media is. It's like you, it's like these interesting women that you see and you resonate with, and they're doing things that you resonate with and you're benefiting from it. You want to connect with them, but sometimes it feels like kind of creepy to, to reach out. 

[00:03:53] Cause like I have dudes with no shirts in my DMS and I'm like,I didn't ask for this. Why?.  

[00:03:58] Joan: Nope, No thanks.  

[00:04:00] Jeannette: I'm good. I'm good. 

[00:04:04] Joan: Block  

[00:04:08] Jeannette: So do you ladies mind giving a brief intro, like for both of you and like, um, uh, how you describe your gifts and how they work and also your offerings.  

[00:04:22] Joan: Okay. Sure. Um, my name is Joan. I am a psychic, a reader, healer teacher. Um, I, my gifts kind of came in and out even as a child. Um, mine showed up as anxiety and worry and fear. 

[00:04:42] And then that's when I was, and I would tell people, sorry, we're kind of getting a little ahead, but 

[00:04:46] Jeannette: -- No, do it! Let's go  

[00:04:49] Joan: as you know, You know, it was in childhood..  

[00:04:52] Spirituality and I would just get so inundated with these energies. I didn't understand why I would watch a scary movie and I would be like so into it and I would think it's real. 

[00:05:02] And then I'd go to my parents and be like, how do I get this off of me? And no one can really explain. And so that's when I figured out, I was like, okay, something's happening energetically because I don't see it affecting, oh, you know, my friends or my siblings, we watch the same shows and they, you know, they can pass it off, but I just, like, I kind of absorb it or I match it or whatever. 

[00:05:25] And so that's where it kind of started from me. And kind of being in wonder, like how, how can I protect or how can I not be so absorbent of these energies that, cause it would really just get me anxious, really anxious as a child. Um, and so that's kind of where it started. Um, and through past life experiences, meeting people like Alex, um, and really being able to be seen and validate, um, some of the energy that I'm feeling, uh, validating, intuition, um, and that's how it all kind of developed. 

[00:05:56] And in, in, through this whole journey, um, I started doing a lot of clairvoyant, um, reading and teaching at the third psychic school with Alex. That's me in a nutshell, I think as we go forward, we're going to share a lot more so,  

[00:06:12] Alexa: and know, I'm like, that's a lot, that's a lot. I want to dive into that. Um, I'll give a little brief introduction for me. 

[00:06:20] Um, I'm Alex Moran and, um, I created the Third Eye Psychic school. And for me coming into my clairvoyance was something that kind of happened a little bit later, like within the last, maybe seven to eight years of my life, because I spent most of my life rejecting it and pretending it wasn't there and trying to do everything, but to be in my gifts. 

[00:06:45] And it just created a lot of suffering in my space. And I went on a spiritual path, like starting when I was about 20, um, through all different types of spiritual kind of exploration. And I kept getting brought back to my psychic gifts and for whatever reason, that was just way too taboo. Like I had no problem. 

[00:07:05] Doing like alien, like workshops and things like that would just seem really off, you know, off, off world. And, but being psychic was just like, no, that's just no way. And eventually, you know how life is, um, your soul just sort of brings you back to what you need to claim for yourself. And I, I realized I really needed to like actually step into this and the moment that I did, um, I recognize like how powerfully gifted I was at it and how easy it was and how all the struggle 

[00:07:37] I spent my whole life like fighting and just trying to like having all this inner conflict and a lot, like, but Joan said just being like kind of an out of control empath and just absorbing everything and being like, like depressed and anxious and just all of these kinds of mental issues and emotional issues and everything. 

[00:07:56] The moment that I actually claimed my clairvoyance for myself, and I learned how to control it and understand like, why it's such a gift. Um, everything shifted for me. And I moved out of this whole victim mentality of just like the world is against me. The world is ouchy. It hurts to be in the world. It's not fun to be in the world to actually moving into a path of like, oh my gosh, why don't we teach this to children? 

[00:08:20] Like when they're in preschool or kindergarten, because if more people understood this, that it's actually a gift. Just like all of our other senses are like our sight and our hearing. If we rejected one of those, how difficult life would be and how. Life would be, you know, less potent, um, that the moment that we can actually embrace that, like life just opens up an opportunity, opens up an ease, opens up. 

[00:08:44] And so I've spent the last, um, probably 10 years of my life. Trying to communicate that in a way that makes sense to the world and for the beginning part, it was, um, very taboo. And, um, now we're starting to get into a place I think because of the pandemic and so much inner turning, um, where everyone's kind of coming within again and recognizing what, what works for them and what, what is actually essentially their authentic self. 

[00:09:11] That's been such a blessing because now a lot of people are more open to talking about this as something that's not like a wacko, you know, Maury Povich or like, you know, 1-800-PSYCHIC kind of thing. That it's actually something that is part of who we are as humans, as part of our energetic system. And the more that we embrace it and actually use it, the more powerful our lives can become. 

[00:09:34] So, yeah, that's kind of the whole essence of the third I psychic school and my offerings and what Joan and I do together. Um, yeah, that's basically 

[00:09:44] me. 

[00:09:45] Jeannette: So like, I guess hop onto what you said, and then also go back to Joan for more exploration. Like you said, you came into it when you were about 20, 27. 

[00:09:59] Did you like look back at your childhood and be like, oh, so that's why this was, or that's why this was, or you look back in your family, like, this is why this goes on. Like, did it kind of put things in place for you?  

[00:10:11] Alexa: A hundred percent because what growing up and I think this happens a lot in American households, you know, we're kind of taught that imagination is fun and cute when you're a kid, but as you grow up that needs to kind of be put behind closed doors or you need to grow out of it and you need to get out of that space. 

[00:10:30] Um, but one of the things is that imagination is actually not just something we make up in our heads, even though that is part of it, it's actually a doorway, a portal into other unseen energies. And I think science is starting to catch up with that with quantum physics and things like that, that we can sense things that are outside of the visual or the touch, you know, the, um, senses. 

[00:10:51] And so growing up, I had so much invalidation, like what Joan was saying in my family of like grow up, stop, stop making stories, you know, like it's time to be serious, be real, like focus on what you have to focus on and the value system. My family wasn't about, you know, spiritual exploration. It was about falling in line and doing what you're supposed to do. 

[00:11:15] And so I had a lot of self rejection, familial rejection and invalidation, societal rejection and invalidation. So when I actually started to open that doorway, I looked back and I was like, wow, like my life could have been unfolded very differently from a sense of like childhood development, if that would have been nurtured from the beginning, if that would have been something that was at least not rejected, you know, even if it wasn't fully accepted, if it was just accepted for okay That's just what it is. Um, even from a creative standpoint too, you know, just to nourish creativity, forget about psychic gifts, you know, just the ability to be different and think different, think out of the box. Um, you know, so much of our schooling is about falling in line, doing what you say, like, you know what I say, like you can go to the bathroom at these times. 

[00:12:06] Like there's no inner trust for what your body wants to say to you, what your soul wants to express. And, um, you know, so I don't know, I can go on forever about this because this is like what Joan and I's passion is with the psychic baby stuff. Um, but yeah, it's, it really like was eyeopening for me to look back on my childhood. 

[00:12:27] For sure.  

[00:12:28] Joan: I want to touch on what you said about inner trust. Cause I think that's what. 

[00:12:32] When you get so invalidated with your gifts or with your imagination, as a child, or the feelings that you're feeling as a child, um, it's used it, it kind of takes out your inner trust a little bit. And so when you're an adult, it's like, what, what is that exactly kind of have to reprogram yourself? 

[00:12:50] Like, what is this inner trust? Um, so I love that ha I love how, um, that's kind of, that's totally in the journey of that inner trust. And then with inner trust is like this inner wisdom, this inner knowing, and really, truly trusting your, um, your imagination and, um, you know, your psychic site, your clairvoyance. 

[00:13:09] Alexa: Well, and I think that's why it took me so long to actually come to my gifts because of, of that, you know, like, it's like, why am I coming to my gifts when I'm in my thirties? Not, you know, when I'm like in my teenage years, why is that? Why is that a normal thing for us in our society that we have to go find ourselves once we're all grown up, why can't we have ourselves from the beginning? 

[00:13:30] You know? And it's all of that invalidation in our space. And one of the things that we teach at the third eye psychic school is how you can cultivate that for yourself, that we don't need external validation to follow our gifts and have that. We can find that for ourselves and actually nurture that within ourselves. 

[00:13:45] And I wish that's something I learned a long time ago, cause that would have made my journey a lot easier.  

[00:13:51] Jeannette: Let's let's talk about how your clairvoyance is impacted being a mother. First of all, when you were pregnant, did your gifts change or do anything different? Cause mine, mine did. How was it being pregnant and you just, you just had one, right? 

[00:14:08] Alexa: Yeah, I, and I'm actually pregnant now.  

[00:14:11] Jeannette: So I was like, there's a belly, there's a belly. So 

[00:14:16] there's  

[00:14:17] Alexa: a belly. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. It's interesting because most people, most women, motherhood is such an initiation into your gifts that a lot of women say when they step into motherhood, that they actually get activated in their gifts on a deeper level. And that motherhood sense, you know, that mama bear sense comes online. 

[00:14:36] Um, with my first. The funny thing is, was I was already online with my psychic gifts and my son came in and it was like a big stop sign. Like every time I tried to connect with what was going on in that space, he was like, no effing way, like get out of my space out of my space, out of his face the whole time. 

[00:14:56] And I had to really learn how to respect that. So he taught me a lot about psychic boundaries. And even with things that I would think would be my right, right. My body, like I'm the vessel. Um, I had to kind of learn about psychic boundaries of what he wanted and what he needed from me. And now that he's, he's two, he just turned two. 

[00:15:17] Um, I can just see and understand like why he needed that. Cause he, yeah. Quite powerful. Um, and he is also very much on his own path. He's, um, I'm here to hold space for him, really not so much to teach him or even guide him. Cause he really has his own path. That's already he's ready to blaze. So I'm just here to really hold space. 

[00:15:37] And that's what he wanted me to do. Like, and he taught me real fast, like really early on, like, you're just here to hold space Mom.  

[00:15:43] Jeannette: Slow your roll! 

[00:15:44] Alexa: But this baby's a little  

[00:15:48] bit different, um, is a girl and she, and I have a lot of, um, motherhood wounding stuff in my family that goes back like so many generations. And for us to get there to get to this point, because I've gone through so many, like miscarriages and it's, I've really worked hard to get her. And now that we're here together in it, it is more collaborative. 

[00:16:09] And I feel, um, like I can connect with her a lot more. And, um, I have like, I I'm the same in terms of my clairvoyance. Like I have that connection that he didn't have with my first son. So that's really nice. Um, cause that was a grief I had to process in the first pregnancy for sure.  

[00:16:26] Jeannette: Yes. Yeah. The boys are all about their boundaries, comfortable telling you that. 

[00:16:35] You're seven. What is going on that you cannot tell about this book and why you don't want to read it. Okay. We're going to trust and go on. What about you, Joan? You have, you have how many? kids,  

[00:16:46] Joan: I have three boys and, um, that when I started having kids, that was the turning point. Alex said something similar about how she kind of turned. 

[00:16:57] She didn't want to do any kind of clairvoyant work, any kind of psychic work and it kind of danced around it a little bit. And then when that was, that was my turning point to that's. When I was before my kids, I was dancing around the spirituality stuff. I was dancing around psychic and clairvoyance and intuition. 

[00:17:14] And then when my boys came in, that was each one was definitely initiation to deepen into my gifts and to. To really, um, explore more into it that rather than being afraid or rather than dancing around it. Um, so all of them were real, were huge initiations. Um, they all came in kind of in, at a traumatic point in my life where, um, I had lost my father, um, unexpectedly, super traumatic. 

[00:17:42] I was going through stuff with mine, but after my dad had passed away, I went through stuff with my mom. The ton of mothering wounding pictures came in and I was trying to mother my own children. So it was definitely a huge initiation. The whole process was every time one came in, it was a new learning, a new way, way of being and what they taught me most of all is, um, as, and as a mother, you know, all you want to do is help your children and to help them along this path and help them along this journey. 

[00:18:15] And one thing that they really, and that, and that for me too, is like, I really want to help them through this life. I want to be in this partnership and with, you know, this, you know, being clairvoyant and being psychic and being able to read each other, being, being in this space, um, I think that's the ultimate way to help your children, um, just because they have their own lives. 

[00:18:36] We want to support them as best as we can. We want to create as many miracles as we can for them collaboratively. And I could have put them in the best schools I could have, you know, hired all these tutors or whatever, but honestly, Be holding space for them.on a psychic level and clairvoyant level is one of the strongest things that I've ever done to help out my children, whew I just got chills because honestly, that's what a mother just loves to do. 

[00:19:02] We want to help, I've seen so many different avenues of helping your children, whether it's sports or putting them in the best schools or trying to force them to do something. But honestly, it's so nurturing to, to walk through them, you know, in this clairvoyant space, in a psychic space, one of the most powerful ways to help them in any way possible. 

[00:19:26] Jeannette: So to be honest, like it feels like a good opportunity to segue into psychic baby. And like, that's the perfect setup. So if you don't mind, we could talk about it, but it also feels like I'd like to talk a little bit about like the, um, using of gifts to heal, like mother wound trauma. If you're open to that, 'cause like, as we parent it's like things always come up and like being psychically gifted, it kind of helps sometimes at least it helps me. 

[00:19:59] So like, can we start talking about psychic baby?  

[00:20:03] Joan: Yeah, absolutely. Um, so like Alex said early, as we cause right now, a lot of people are awakening and, um, in our classes, the, the one thing that we get the, the con the most comments that we get at the end of our psychic training and psychic classes are, I wish we knew this earlier. 

[00:20:23] I wish we knew this when we were kids. It should be in like an elementary curriculum. Right. Cause right now we're kind of just putting band-aids on some, you know, going through all of this healing people. We're, we're figuring out where we're healing, lineages of trauma and pain, um, generational trauma and pain. 

[00:20:41] And so how can we kind of, how can we. Start from the get-go. And so with psychic baby, um, really teaching kids and, and parents to help them nurture that imagination because like Alex said, that is the portal to being psychic. And everybody that has the third eye that has a pineal gland is psychic and we're never really taught any, no one's ever really taught to be like, Hey, we need to work out our third eye. 

[00:21:11] And this book is like, Hey, let's work it out. We could use our imagination every day. Because if you, as if you use it more and more and more, it's kind of, it's a muscle, the more you use it, the more it gets stronger, the more it can flex. Right. Um, and so with psychic baby, we really wanted to, um, have, um, have a tool that both parents and kids can use and say, Hey, you know what, validate your kids validate your kids' imaginations because it's so helpful. 

[00:21:38] Um, and with, and so that's why we created psychic baby, um, also to teach. As I have been growing in my clairvoyance, I've been teaching my kids some psychic tools as well. Um, and so I can only help them out psychically to an extent, to a degree, but when they learn how to do it too, it's so much powerful when I tell them to clear their energy after school. 

[00:22:02] Huge difference than me just doing it by myself, because I get tired of it too. I don't want to like heal everybody in my family! You do it yourself!. 

[00:22:15] So it gives, and also at a very early age, it tells them and teaches them how sovereign they can be, how powerful they can be. Um, and, um, as we've been saying, like, you know, the word psychic has been so taboo. Up until recently. And we're really, really on this cusp of having it, having the word psychic or clairvoyance, be very normal, um, in this world. 

[00:22:36] So we're kind of normalizing kids, your, you know, your children, families, you know, having your own clairvoyants and being psychics. We're really trying to normalize this, um, this way of, um, of using gifts, um, in the, out in the world.  

[00:22:52] Alexa: Yeah. And I think I would add to it too, that, um, so our first book is about imagination cause that's just really the portal to, um, everything, but the rest of the books, cause it's part of a series, um, that will be released this year. 

[00:23:06] So the rest of the books are actually about teaching individual psychic tools. And these are basically the same tools that we teach adults, but they're like kind of, you know, they're shrunken down to be a little bit more bite-sized for kids a little bit more fun, a little bit more silly, um, for kids, but it's the same thing. 

[00:23:24] So when parents are reading these books, not only are they learning how to. You know, how do psychic tools and visualizations, psychic tools are just visualizations. It's just imagining something. If you can imagine, if you can watch a movie and follow a movie, you're using your imagination. If you can read a book and follow that you're using your imagination. 

[00:23:43] So sometimes we get a little bit like nervous as adults of like, Ooh, I can't imagine, but if you can follow along, you're, you're already opening your own clairvoyance by using these tools. And so the first book that's released is the grounding cord and it's really fun. Cause we teach kids like that they don't have to hold all the things that we sometimes expect 

[00:24:05] ourselves to hold, you know, we can let it go. How many of these, how many of the spiritual world is all about letting go? And we have all this struggle with it. Can't let go. I can't let go. How do I let go? So learning from just a clairvoyant standpoint of just imagining it releasing from your body down into the earth to be recycled and returned back to creation is one of the most powerful things. 

[00:24:29] Like the fundamental things. I think in our first class, we say, if you only learn this tool, like it will change your life because it really does to be able to let go of everything you don't want to carry. Which I think is just so beautiful because we're right at the new year and it's all about letting go of the past and everything. 

[00:24:46] Um, so we have that book and then we have another book about protections, psychic protection, energetic protection. How do you protect yourself from other people's energies and emotions so that you're not like Joan and I, where we absorb everything out of control empaths. So, you know, You know, especially these little ones that are coming in are so, so sensitive and just so beautiful and just such a miracle to this planet that we have to arm them with the ability to protect themselves from just a lot of the negativity. 

[00:25:18] I mean, I think as adults, we need that as well, too. So, um, so that's what the next book. And then the one after that, remind me, Joan, do you remember what miracle science  

[00:25:27] Joan: miracle suns so bringing in, bringing in the miracles that you want. So um teaching kids how to do that. Clairvoyantly um, in the little bite-sized book, so that's really exciting. 

[00:25:39] Alexa: I'm really excited for. Yeah. So eventually we'll probably do a book for every psychic tool, but those are the ones for this year. Um, but yeah, it's really fun. And we've gotten a lot of really great feedback from moms who've been doing it with their kids and you know, it's, um, it's about really empowering the entire family, not just our kids, but you empower the parents and then you create a conversation around things like when Joan gets home, her kids get home from school. 

[00:26:05] Hey, did you clear your energy? Why don't you need, why don't you go ground 

[00:26:08] Joan: I think you need some protection today? 

[00:26:10] Alexa: Why don't you put some extra roses up. 

[00:26:13] Jeannette: Oh my gosh. Did you let go of those judgments from your gym teacher? All of that. All of that.  

[00:26:21] Joan: Exactly.  

[00:26:23] Alexa: As you get older, right? And then you have all of the social dynamics that come in when you get into teenage years and everything. 

[00:26:31] Um, and even the sexual dynamics and being able to clear your energy with all of that.  

[00:26:35] Jeannette: that is a whole conversation, 

[00:26:41] Joan: yeah. I also just want to add, um, you know, it's, it's, it's no secret that, you know, the anxiety levels in our kids are increasing the depression, um, is increasing in our children. And, um, I definitely think, believe that it's because we're not taught how to. Um, clear our energy. We're not, we don't know. We're not aware. 

[00:27:03] We're not conscious of what we're picking up. And so if we're, if every kid is able to learn how to clear their energy or use, you know, use some psychic tools to clear out the energy, that's not theirs protect their own energy. I think, you know, these bouts of depression and anxiety would lessen in our, in, in the whole world. 

[00:27:22] So it's, I do see those numbers going up and I just feel for all of these kids, um, that are having to her holding on to the energy that's not theirs. So, um, yeah, 

[00:27:36] Alexa: it's a lot right now.  

[00:27:37] Jeannette: It is, it's just gotten so much more loud. Like, I don't know how to describe it any other way. Yes. It's kind of a little more like, I, I remember like the eighties and the eighties were more subtle in the nineties, you know, things picked up, but like now it's just like, it's like a little sledgehammer and I'm like, whoa. 

[00:27:59] Alexa: Yeah. And we have more sensitive babies coming in with heavier energy. So it becomes really important. Otherwise, I'm, I am worried that we're going to have like a mental health crisis for the next generation. Like, I mean, we already are, but I think it's going to be a lot more significant if we don't teach our kids, um, spiritual resilience. 

[00:28:20] And that's really what it comes down to psychic resilience, energetic resilience, mental resilience, emotional resilience. And these are all things that are branch off of psychic tools. Like if you just learn a couple of tools, all of these other things fall into place and you don't have to constantly be, you know, trying to cure the symptom and you can just get to the root cause, which is empowering somebody to believe that they actually have power in their life. 

[00:28:45] They actually have the power to, you know, decide how they feel, how they are going to experience something, how they're going to react to something and not feel victimized by the world around them, which is so easy to do right now because it's a heavy world, right.  

[00:29:00] Jeannette: It is. I'm kind of waiting for that to happen to me because like the kids had been coughing and I'm like, oh Lord. 

[00:29:09] So he's going to jump in his bed anyway and be like, mama, mama.  

[00:29:14] Joan: It's  

[00:29:14] so funny. Cause like they know they can hear me out the door and I tell him like, I'm going to, I'm going to be on the call, whatever. And um, every time I'm like, every time I don't lock it, I'm like, maybe I should lock it, but I don't wanna lock it cause they don't want to. 

[00:29:28] And then like this happens, like they come in and like they peep in, every time I get on the phone, it's like, they know like I'm on the phone. You guys like what the heck? And then they come in and they want to talk.  

[00:29:40] Alexa: That happens for me whenever I have a client, when I have a psychic client, it's like the moment I say my opening prayer. 

[00:29:45] It's like, knock knock on my door  

[00:29:48] it's like,  

[00:29:50] it's like, he knows that it, you know, it's spiritual time.  

[00:29:54] Jeannette: They want to be involved. They want to be involved, which goes to the next thing. Like, how are your children's gifts Manifesting, how are you handling it?  

[00:30:06] Joan: Um, I can, my  

[00:30:08] kids, they're all really different. They're all super different. Um, and they're all extremely, um, my, my oldest or super clairaudient, I could be in one room talking to my husband about something very private, and then he can, he'll be like, he'll ask me the next, you know, when I see him, that's like, Hey, what are you guys talking about? 

[00:30:27] Or I heard you guys say this and like, 

[00:30:32] And then my,  

[00:30:33] my, my second one and my youngest one, they're  

[00:30:36] super, just extremely creative, like out of this world, creative. Um, and with that, it's like, you really have to, you validation is what I was missed out on when I was a kid. So validating them in any of their gifts or been, um, have just been really rewarding for them and, and their own inner trust because they see, as I validate them their own inner trust and their own discernment, um, their own sovereignty really gets stronger. 

[00:31:06] Um, I  

[00:31:07] definitely see, now, especially  

[00:31:08] my oldest one, he's almost a teenager, so there's a lot of talk in the classroom about sex and you know, or bullies or whatever. And he and I, and I've seen him, you know, in his classroom interacting and seeing him discern, you know, what conversations he wants to be a part of who he wants to be part of what do, how he wants to step into the classroom, how he wants to, how he, what kind of energy he wants to put in. 

[00:31:31] And so I see him doing that and that's just like super powerful. Um, I see him having just, um, I see him protect himself. So it's just, I, it's just really powerful every time. Um, he, I see him interact. Um, I just, his discernment levels are insane. Um, and same with my other two other kids too. I see. Like their energy is just it's their's 

[00:31:56] and so they're able to discern, they're able to make really good decisions. I'm not saying that they don't get in trouble, but it's like they, and it kind of goes back to that own, that inner trust, their inner trust is so strong. Um, and they usually end up making really, really good decisions. So, um, and I love seeing that. 

[00:32:15] I love seeing them, um, develop that way. They even, they make their own psychic tools, which is amazing, which I love, I love seeing them be that creative and like, okay, cool. That's pretty amazing. So I'm really.  

[00:32:28] Alexa: And now Joan always is like, Hey, look at this new psychic tool that, you know, men created or something. 

[00:32:33] And I'm like, that's so cool. We should teach  

[00:32:35] that 

[00:32:40] Joan: only they create like different switches and they make things easy. Like they make easy buttons for their whole day. And I'm like, oh man, I should've thought of that.  

[00:32:50] Jeannette: Yeah That's a great idea.. And you, you have a two year old with amazing boundaries and sense of self..  

[00:33:00] Alexa: Yes. Um very strong. Um, the thing I was trying to think of, like what, like it was, this is a great question because it really makes me kind of reflect on him from a psychic standpoint. Um, one of the things that I'm so impressed with with him is that he is extremely fearless. 

[00:33:18] For things that, um, I think most of us, even as adults are afraid of, um, one of the things we talk about in the third eye psychic school is this energy that is in the shape of spiders. And it's one of the reasons why spider energy is like a lot of people are afraid of spiders on, you know, in the world is because there's, there's kind of these, parasitic like demonic kind of energies that are around the world. 

[00:33:43] And my son loves them. Like he like will look at them. He faces them. He loves everything. Spiders like things that are, he likes ghosts. Like if there's something scary on TV, like he loves it. He giggles, he laughs like, I'm like this guy, this guy is a light warrior. Like this guy. He is going to, you know, he's gonna be doing some stuff with some dark stuff, um, because he's fearless about it. 

[00:34:09] And it's funny because I, my gifts, when I was a child was I would see dark things. And that was, um, in the beginning was fine. But then as it became invalidated, um, especially growing up in a religious environment, like, you know, there's evil and everything that I was super invalidated. And now one of my gifts like with my clients is I can help heal a lot of darkness out of people's energies. 

[00:34:32] But like, I'm seeing that, like, I know why he picked me as his mom, because like that doesn't freak me out. Like it actually, like, I'm super proud of him about how he's so. Like he's so sovereign in this energy and he's only two,  

[00:34:45] you know, and it's just like, it's amazing.  

[00:34:47] And it makes me like, feel like, okay, I need to like step up. 

[00:34:53] Like, I get scared about some things like and he's fearless about it. So, um, I can just see that, like he is just his spiritual gifts have to do with things that I think are taboo, which is probably why he chose me as his mom, because I like, I love taboo 

[00:35:13] Jeannette: also kind of circles about, about how you were talking about many things were taboo, like being psychic is taboo, being clairvoyant is taboo. Um, and also in some ways, connecting to the fact that all of that taboo causes trauma because there's things that aren't expressed and aren't affirmed and aren't seen and embraced. 

[00:35:35] So how are you guys using your, your gifts to kind of heal like you both mentioned mother wounds heal, like the sort of make your own mother wounds and understanding like the mother wounds on the line, because it feels so important to do that work. Especially having as for boy moms. Yes. Cause like, Yes, but like you have a daughter in the other, so that's like,  

[00:36:00] Alexa: it's a big question. 

[00:36:02] We could do a whole talk on that because there's just so much, you know, just with patriarchy and the role that women have had to juggle for so many lifetimes, just our lineages of mothers, before they could choose to become mothers where they were forced into motherhood against their will. You know, like how many people in each of our lineages have some kind of mother wound, even if we have beautiful relationships with our own mothers, there's thousands and thousands of women stories that pump through our blood that, you know, have a lot of complication energy with being a mother and what that means and mothering other people's children. 

[00:36:42] And, you know, not by choice, but by obligation. And you know, there's just so much complication to motherhood in general. Then all of a sudden you become a mom and all of that kind of comes slamming down in your space, plus your own emotional stuff and your own relationships. Um, so it's a, it's a big topic it's really intense. 

[00:37:01] And I think it is a necessary step for us as women coming into the world, um, in this new world we're bringing in these new babies because I think they're demanding it of us to clear that out of their space. Um, I actually kind of sense that, um, one of the reasons why we have high rate of C-sections is because babies are like, I don't want that imprint. 

[00:37:24] Um, coming down the birth canal, like I'm, I'm, I'm taking a second, a second as another doorway out, you know, and, you know, cause there's a lot of, I'm a doula as well. So there's a lot of information and you know, um,  

[00:37:37] Jeannette: you really do ride the dark because that's the line, that's the line between death. And sometimes things go, they go how they go and sometimes helpful energy show up and sometimes mischievous energy show up and things are met. 

[00:37:53] Alexa: Yeah. Yeah. It's it's intense. Um, I think these kids that are coming in this next generation, they want clean lines. They want to, they don't want to be struggling the way that we struggle in trying to heal and overcome and everything. Like they want to start from a place where they can just start creating a new reality for the world. 

[00:38:11] And so I think it's a nice, um, Call to action for mothers to heal that within themselves, um, and do the work that's necessary. And I think the number one thing that you have to do is just acknowledge and validate what is in your space. What is in your lineage? What is in your culture? What is in what is in the energy that you grew up with? 

[00:38:31] The energy that you came in on your mother's energy and your grandmother's energy, because that all affects everything. And, you know, being able to find community that you can express those kinds of, that kind of darkness, really, because, you know, motherhood is not all sunshine and rainbows. It is messy, it is messy. 

[00:38:53] And we need to have support systems in place for us to hold each other through that mess, because not only are we birthing our children, but we're rebirthing ourselves in our whole new lineage as well. So it is a big, um, it's a big initiation, like how Joan was saying.  

[00:39:12] Jeannette: Yes.  

[00:39:12] Joan: Yeah. I agree with the, um, with motherhood  

[00:39:15] wounding, it kind of did, for me, it really struck when I read, become a mother, you realize all the traumas that your mother, you went through with your mother, all the little, teeny tiny experiences where you felt you were validated, your, your mother didn't see you, or you wish your mother spent more time with you, or you wish you wish your mother baked cookies with you. 

[00:39:32] You wished your mother played on the floor with you with Barbies and whatever. Um, you know, that, that's what happened in, in my vision. When I, when I started having kids, I was like, oh my gosh, my mother never did this. My mother never did that. And then all of a sudden I'm in this victim mode, blaming my mom for everything. 

[00:39:50] Um, and which what my mom, when I, when I became mother, me and my mom were like this. Uh, so I had to clear a lot of that, um, mother wounded, for me. It was a process of, again, looking at it, being sovereign over it, you know, facing, you know, pro this probably wasn't just my mother's fault. It was lineages and generations of, um, patriarchy and suppression and whatever colonization in my culture, you know, all of it. 

[00:40:16] Um, and to have to face that. And that's at that, looking at colonization and looking at suppression in my culture was really painful. Um, Ooh, I'm going to cry 

[00:40:28] and to ha and to not just, not just look at it, but you're also feel it too. And so to be, and then have to forgive, like, The fuck 

[00:40:46] Jeannette: I'm making dinner and I'm feeling oppressed and I'm thinking of slavery and I'm going to throw something against the wall. 

[00:40:52] Joan: Yeah. And then it's all like, um, and then, and, and then it's kinda like, how are you going to show up as a mother with all of this? Right. And then how, how are you going to raise your family? 

[00:41:02] Um, so that, you know, you're so that your kids don't have to hold onto it, but they have the wisdom, right. They have the wisdom of, of the experience, but don't have to hold on to. The trauma, the pain of it all. Um, that's hard. So motherhood while healing is fucking hard. Um, but it's, there's so much medicine. 

[00:41:23] It's the medicine of that wounding, um, that, that kind of shines through, um, that makes it all worth it. It's, it's in the, in the, in the thick of it, it sucks because you're like, what the hell did I just get into? Um, I'm having to look at my mother wound, what did she go through? She had to do this, that, and the other, the, my generations, um,  

[00:41:42] and that kind of,  

[00:41:42] it kind of eases the pressure to ease the pressure of, I thought my mom did it. 

[00:41:47] All right. And so, um, when you look at it, you're like, okay. Um, it just was, it, wasn't just her and I'm here to, um, acknowledge it. I'm here to look at it. I'm here to send some kind of forgiveness, um, in the line, um, and learn from it. So.  

[00:42:05] Alexa: Really, I think, I think it's also really important to recognize that we chose our mothers. 

[00:42:10] We chose the lineage that we came through to come in, just like our children chose us and to reconcile why we chose that, what we learned from it, why it was an important, you know, gateway for us to walk through is like, when we can come to that, then we're not victimized by our parents. It is something that we chose and we actually are empowered by that path, even if it was full of trauma and really horrible and horrendous, um, it was helpful and it was something we really needed in order to get to where we are today, so that we can have the children that we have now. 

[00:42:44] And that's one thing that in my. Line. I recognize because I had a very traumatic experience with my mom growing up. Uh, she had borderline personality disorder and eventually committed suicide. So my whole childhood was just very up and down and all over the place. And so I kind of had the opposite experience of Joan, where I was always mad at my mom. 

[00:43:06] And then when I became a mother, I started to understand and have forgiveness for just, I mean, in a normal mental state, how hard motherhood is. So do you can imagine somebody who has extreme mental illness, um, is just almost impossible. So, um, reconciling, like I chose her for a reason to fortify me in certain ways so that I can have this little fire ball of a warrior  

[00:43:34] Jeannette: ready to say, like, I mean, that's alot,  

[00:43:37] Alexa: Yeah. 

[00:43:37] Yeah.  

[00:43:38] And it's important to understand that and see that and do the birth work. Um, one of the reasons why the doula stuff was so helpful for me, and I think everybody should do it. I actually wrote a book called labor, like a goddess, and it's a beautiful labor book, but it's actually more about mother wounding and healing, our own mother wounds. 

[00:43:56] Um, but being able to come to that place and reconcile, like we came through this portal for a reason, like we had, you know, 7 billion people in the world. We could have come through any portal that we came through this one and we had reasons for it. It wasn't chance, you know, when you reconcile that, then, um, things get a lot easier in, in healing. 

[00:44:17] Those mother wounds, I think.  

[00:44:20] Jeannette: Wow. Wow that and the compassion and understanding, like it wasn't just them. Yeah. There's like a lineage. And then like also like kind of taking like forward and backwards at the same time, like understanding like what they went through in the sense of like patriarchy and oppression and suppression, and then kind of realizing like our children are breaking all of that up. 

[00:44:43] Like we're helping them and they're breaking all of that up, like from having excellent boundaries to easy buttons, to clear your energy, like just breaking all of it up. Yeah,  

[00:44:55] Alexa: absolutely. Wow. Amazing. Isn't it. It's miracles. And work motherhood is miracles. And sometimes we forget that cause we get so bogged down with the everyday,  

[00:45:08] Jeannette: you know? 

[00:45:09] Yeah. 

[00:45:13] Alexa: My son was sick for the first time vomiting sick this week. So that was a fun adventure that we went on.  

[00:45:22] Jeannette: Yeah. I think there's just something in the air. I think we're like clearing something because with the numbers being what they are, even if you like don't, or you're not in the vicinity of, of it, there's something in the air that's being moved around. 

[00:45:39] That's kind of interesting to watch because, you know, as you know, we started off, like kids are so sensitive and they feel everything and it sometimes doesn't come out their mouth, it comes out their body. So, which actually it's like, kind of like a non-sequitur question, which I kind of do on occasion. I have two non-sequitur questions. 

[00:45:59] You, your dance, Joan  

[00:46:00] you're a dancer?  

[00:46:03] Joan: I do ! 

[00:46:04] Jeannette: So did dancing help you like hone your, your intuitive skills.  

[00:46:09] Joan: Yeah, absolutely dancing. Um, it's it's I it's, it's a funny story. Cause I didn't dance when I was younger. Uh, I started dancing as one when I became an adult, um, before marriage and then I started having kids and I stopped dancing. 

[00:46:26] Um, but then I started dancing again after kids just because I feel like for me, at least you kind of, you put your, everybody else first. You put your kids first. You put everybody first. You think about everybody else. Um, And that's what I did. I was a total people pleaser. And then, and then once I honed, once I started dancing again, and once I started teaching and moving in a certain way, then, um, dancing is kind of like a embodiment embodiment, I guess, um, experience. 

[00:46:59] We tend to, a lot of people are conscious about this, but we tend to move out of body whenever there's trauma, whenever there's stress, whenever there's anxiety, whenever there's whatever kids throwing up in my room, um, we had to get disembodied because we don't want to be in our body. And you had to deal with that throw up, but dancing really helped me become embodied and grounded. 

[00:47:20] Um, I was, um, I was in a lot of, a lot of like a lot of different spiritual things. Um, we also often just get out of body a lot. And then once you went to, if you start dancing and moving with the rhythm and, um, the history of dancing is really beautiful and it just really gets you embodied and grounded, which is how you originated into this world as a soul, as a body is embodied and grounded. 

[00:47:44] So it's very like a coming home, um, feeling when you're dance, when you dance and, um, you use this spiritual spirituality into dancing.  

[00:47:55] Jeannette: Wow. Yeah. How did you guys meet?  

[00:48:00] Joan: So funny we met on Instagram 

[00:48:07] I was, oh, that was another like little turning point in my life where, um, I was living over. Uh, we had a year where my, my husband is in the military, so he was deployed for a year. He comes back and we were like, we can, we could do, we have a couple of choices. He can go back to his job and we can just go our lives as we normally did, or we can do something totally crazy and different. 

[00:48:31] Um, we sold everything and we started traveling with our, with our kids. So we traveled the world. We were like, okay, we'll do it for one year. Um, we ended up lasting five years. Uh, so traveling with the kids, travelling with our family,  

[00:48:44] we were living in the Philippines at  

[00:48:46] the time. And then, um, we were going to settle in the Philippines and that's where we were going to plant our roots and everything. 

[00:48:53] Um, And things just weren't working out. And so we came back to the United States where our families, families are and everything. And, um, we're we had a good network here. So we came back and I was like, um, I had, like, I was like a dog with the tail between his legs. I was so depressed that we had, you know, we were running out of funds. 

[00:49:11] We had to come back home. Um, and I was just like, and I was, and I was also into like the law of attraction at that time that I was doing everything. Like I was doing all the frequency stuff and I was writing in my journal saying these affirmations, nothing was working. And I was so sad to come back home. 

[00:49:26] And then I found Alex on Instagram, um, and started following her and started taking classes. And it really just kind of changed things. And she was really a great foundation, um, for when I came back to the United States, because that's when I was like, I can't, I felt like my powers were like diminished or something. 

[00:49:43] And I was like, help me. 

[00:49:47] My powers are disappearing. Helped me get them back. 

[00:49:53] Jeannette: Understood. Yeah. Wow. It's kind of amazing who you meet on Instagram.  

[00:49:59] Joan: It is.  

[00:50:02] Alexa: It's a special community. It's a really special one. And w um, and we created like an amazing sisterhood. And, um, and now with the third eye psychic school, like, it's just very cool because you can attract, you know, people even never meet in a million years. 

[00:50:19] Um, and that just have the same vibration and frequency and, you know, are just there and at the same place of growth. And so it's just so nice to just grow together and, um, and find that. And like, it's been such a pleasure talking to you and meeting you and all of this. Like, I would love to hear your story around, um, your own kids and their spiritual gifts with your stuff. 

[00:50:43] I love to hear that.  

[00:50:45] Jeannette: , having kind of grounded me more into a spiritual path because I was doing all sorts of things. Like I was, oh my God, we were doing just crazy things, crazy, crazy things. 

[00:50:57] But like once, once you came through, it was like, okay, I gotta focus on something. I gotta focus. Let me focus. And it's been very helpful  

[00:51:07] Joan: growing up. Were you, um, did you have parents that kind of cultivated the spirituality within yourself or, and then  

[00:51:15] Jeannette: like my, well, actually I think my dad secretly did it cause my mom wasn't about that life, but my dad was like, okay, so what'd you dream this what this means? 

[00:51:23] And he would tell me stories. He would tell me stories about, um, laying hands and things that like my grandmother did. And he would tell me spiritual stories and that kind of gave me something to work with. But I didn't realize, like, I didn't realize how gifted my grandmother was with plants until I got older. 

[00:51:45] And I started to realize like, plants don't like everybody, not everybody can work with plants. Like, I didn't realize, like, not everybody knows and sees and moves energy until I got older and actually taking, um, a yoga teacher training class brought me in my body enough to actually have things move. Like I would remember, I remember before teaching a class and looking out the window and watching the energy of the earth, just move and being like, that's fun. 

[00:52:20] What is that doing? Why is it, why am I hearing these voices? All of a sudden, I don't know what's going on. 

[00:52:28] And from there, it just kind of, but as a kid, like I would have dreams. Like when I think back to certain things that have , like memories, they were spirits coming to visit me. They were nature spirits coming to visit me. I would see the dead, the dead would pop in my room and freak me out in the middle of the night adventure. But nobody really knew what was going on  

[00:52:51] Alexa: or could it help you to really help you ground it help you understand it processes it?  

[00:52:55] Jeannette: I think my dad could, but he wasn't in the space because he was going through his own stuff. Like my dad's side of the family is very spiritual. They're very like, like, you know, they pop into your dreams and they're like, Hey, I'm from the, this many years back and you got to do this. 

[00:53:14] If I'm getting a reading, they'll they'll show up. So they're very spiritual. My mom's side is they're gifted too, but they're more quiet about it. It's different, which is interesting too. Coming back to this book, it's like being. Being clairvoyant and clairudient, and claircongziant . It doesn't have to be something that's taboo. 

[00:53:38] It could be just like a natural way of being. And I think that's important. Yes. It's important about this book. It's normal and it'll break the taboo and once you're set sovereign and you're creating and you're in alignment, you don't have to deal with certain BS because you're like that doesn't touch me. 

[00:53:54] I let it go.  

[00:53:56] Joan: Yeah, exactly, exactly. Because I think I am seeing just a lot of people aren't or some people would think about that in that way, or they don't notice that energy that way, but then they learn about their clairvoyance they're psychic.they're like, oh yeah, I remember that one time I went to the concert and I totally, you know, turn into a different person with rage and anger and like, Ooh that I could have that's. 

[00:54:19] That was something that, uh, that's a different energy that kind of entered into the space. So, yeah. Yeah.  

[00:54:26] Alexa: Yeah, I think, I mean, awareness is awareness so important and you can't have awareness if it's not something that you can even talk about, you know? So just being able to talk about it, like having us on and being able to talk about this kind of stuff and in a mainstream kind of way, like we're talking about raising children and you know, like that's very mainstream and we're talking about kind of woo stuff. 

[00:54:48] Um, and how it applies to, you know, mainstream everyday kind of life. It's important because when you have that awareness, then you actually can do something about it. Even if it's not fix it, at least you can find, you know, solidarity, you can find connection, you can find, um, you know, your next step of where it's leading you and why it's showing up in your. 

[00:55:09] Why in this way and what your next step is. And I think that's something that, um, we don't need to wait until we're in our thirties and forties and fifties to, to find out like,  

[00:55:21] Jeannette: oh, you're right. Cause it changes the whole game. It changes the whole game of how you interact with your children. Yeah, like you were just talking about before, like being able to conceptualize and put things into place in your mother wound and being able to really, okay, well, I chose this and this is the reason, and this is what's being healed and this is what's being worked out. 

[00:55:38] Like, imagine not have to be angry for a long time because.  

[00:55:41] Joan: Or a  

[00:55:42] victim.  

[00:55:43] Jeannette: Yes.  

[00:55:45] Yes.  

[00:55:45] Alexa: I think what I love about clairvoyance is it's just, it gave me personally, just a whole different framework to understand myself and in a way that really took off my self-blame and like why I don't fit into the world. Why am I so sensitive? 

[00:56:02] Like, why can't I do this? What is wrong with me? It took all of those conversations out, like in one half hour class, like, it was just like, oh my gosh, like everything that I've been, you know, sort of. Berating myself about for, you know, 30 years, 40 years, I don't have to actually think about it in that way. 

[00:56:21] And it gives it a whole different framework to understanding the self and not, and not blaming ourselves for everything. And I think as women, we do that a lot where there's so much self hate, self blame, self, you know, in mother and especially we're blaming ourselves all the time as mothers, you know? And, um, I think clairvoyance gives us a different way to look at things. 

[00:56:42] Um, at least for me, I don't know about you, Joan, but for me it just gave me so much more permission to have self-compassion, um, and, and self responsibility as well.  

[00:56:53] Joan: Absolutely. Yeah. I think with, for me with  

[00:56:55] clairvoyance and motherhood gave me, um, like self validation was a big one for me, because growing up, I would always just look for outside validation from my parents, from my teachers. 

[00:57:06] Am I doing this? Okay, do I look right? Um, Outside validation from society. I would always want to be like, oh, I would need to be fit. I need to do my motherhood should look like this, you know, teaching to look like that. Um, and so it really helped me heal that the invalidation find some more self validation within myself. 

[00:57:24] So I don't have to keep reaching out and keep like stretching myself just so society can accept me for who I am. So I love that, um, with clairvoyance and with, um, you know, psychic tools, it tells me just to validate my own self, um, which I didn't have a lot as a child. And I'm seeing society, doesn't have a lot of that. 

[00:57:44] How do you teach self invalid self validation that you are enough? No matter what you're doing, no matter what that looks like. Um, so that's what I loved about having that in motherhood. Um, because then I'm able to be at peace and love myself, um, more. Yeah.  

[00:58:02] Alexa: Bring that to the family, especially raising boys. 

[00:58:05] It's so important for boys to see that in their mothers, cause like, right, you are as a mother, the example of the divine feminine, and especially for a boy, that's super important because that's what they're going to look for in their future partners. If they're straight and, you know, vice versa with, you know, girls and fathers or whatever, but you know, being able to be, to embrace your divinity and be an example of that, I think is just, is probably the best gift we can give our children. 

[00:58:32] Um, it's a, it's a tall order and not one that happens a lot, but 

[00:58:44] Jeannette: all we can do at the end of the day, that's what I'm beginning to realize. It's like you do your best. And then, you go to sleep and you get up and do it again and things turn out. Okay.  

[00:58:55] Alexa: They always do. They always do.  

[00:58:59] Jeannette: Well, thank you so much for being here, because I know you said you had to go in an hour and I like, I want to be respectful of your time. 

[00:59:06] Cause I'll just ask all sorts of crazy questions.  

[00:59:08] Joan: Yeah we  

[00:59:08] Jeannette: could talk about this 

[00:59:09] Joan: all day. If we didn't have a boundary, like this would be like an eight hour session.  

[00:59:16] Jeannette: Spiritual things that like, mommy's go through like feeling things and wanting to be like, okay, should I touch that? Should I not touch that? What is an integrity? 

[00:59:23] What is not integrity? Like all the time? Just, just that, that is a whole conversation in itself that, yeah, because  

[00:59:29] Joan: we're as mothers, we're always thinking about everything at the same time, worst case scenario, best case scenario, what's this energy, what's that and a thousand different things. So, um, you know, we can go on forever, but I think you thank you so much for the space and for your podcast and thank you for having us on we're super, super grateful. 

[00:59:50] Thank you so  

[00:59:51] Alexa: much. It's such a pleasure to talk to you too. It's really fun to connect with other spiritual mamas and have these kinds of conversations. It's like, it's like a, I don't know, it's it's food for my soul.  

[01:00:04] Jeannette: It's like, you're not alone. You're not alone in all these sort of things. And I like in, um, in thinking about this, it's like, that's what I kind of wanted to have people feel like they're not alone. 

[01:00:15] You're not alone. Like whatever it is, like you've spraying stuff in the child's room. They got herbs under the pillow. You're not alone in grandma come down and tell you what to do. You're not alone. Absolutely.  

[01:00:27] Joan: Yeah. Yep. Thanks again so much. And I guess for those who are listening, Psychic Baby is on Amazon and you can also go to www.thirdeyepsychicschool.com. 

[01:00:40] We have some really fun classes coming up, um, drop the year. So go and check out our classes or the next class is starting in February, um, called psychic foundations. And so it's a four week class. Um, amazing. We learned like 24 plus psychic tools. Um, and we are here to hold your hand for those of you that need some guidance. 

[01:01:02] So we're here for you guys.  

[01:01:05] Jeannette: All right. Uh, February, February 1st, February 1st? Yeah. Okay. Alright, so thank you ladies. Thank you for being here  

[01:01:15] Joan: so  

[01:01:15] Alexa: much, such a pleasure  

[01:01:21] Jeannette: I prayed that interview was a blessing for you as it was for me to do. I, I feel like this interview in some ways was validation for me around what's important for me to do as, as a mother and how, how vital it is in this space and time to leave to make sure our kids. Um, are in tune with the, how the divine express through, through them and in tune with their gifts and being able to, to utilize and harness their gifts, to support them. 

[01:02:00] I really loved hearing about Joans' children, just making energetic tools to support them and doing the things that she asked to do . That's dope. I'm in awe and inspired and I think that's awesome. Anyway, thank you so much for being here. 

[01:02:18] Thank you for listening to, to the people who are like you know, I, you know, I tuned in for the, Hess Love. I'm so sorry. Life happens. Life happened. And I don't know what's going to happen. Like mercury is retrograding and Venus is retrograding too life is an adventure. And we are just all along for the ride. 

[01:02:38] We'll see what happens. I don't even know what the next episode is going to be. It might just be me here talking crap because my ancestors have given me notes. They're like, this is what you need to talk about. I'm like, oh Lord. Really? They're like, yes. Like, oh God, I don't know if I'm ready. Anyway, if there's something you'd like to, you know, you'd like me to talk about with like our next guest, whether it be my ancestors or whether it be somebody else hit me up at spirituality and motherhood, podcast.com or find me on Instagram spirituality underscore 

[01:03:14] Motherhood underscore pod. And, you know, as, Joan and I were talking, that's, you know, that's a get down, everybody's on Instagram, in the DMS, which is, you know, good and bad. It's, it's, it's something. So yeah, just, you know, slide into my DMS, say what you gotta say, or leave me a message on the website and say, Hey, can you talk about this? 

[01:03:36] And I will do my damnedest to address it for you. And that's it. Thank you so much for being here. I pray peace be within your walls and prosperity in your palaces, and all be well with you. And I look forward to seeing you again soon. Stay blessed. Peace.