Jan. 17, 2022

Spirituality & Motherhood Episode 20: Joan Dizon & Alexandria Moran

Spirituality & Motherhood Episode 20: Joan Dizon & Alexandria Moran

In this episode I chat with Alexandria Moran and Joan Dizon, Co-Authors of Psychic Baby: Your mind is magic.

Our little tête-à-tête includes how motherhood can initiate you into your spiritual gifts, the importance of honoring your gifts, and the joys of watching children embrace their gifts. 

Curious to know more about Joan and Alexandria? I've included their bios below and you can always learn more here: https://www.thirdeyepsychicschool.com/.

Joan Dizon is a wife & mom of three boys, entrepreneur, powerful clairvoyant psychic reader & healer, dancer, and world traveler.

She helps families, and especially moms all over the world, to find and use their natural clairvoyant psychic abilities to cultivate balance, healing, and peace through the chaos and overwhelm of motherhood. She also helps mothers teach their children clairvoyant skills early on so that they can harness their own psychic abilities in a fun and creative way.

Joan's mission in life is to gently remind parents and children that psychic sight is as normal as hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, and tasting. And it's as healing and powerful as you can ever imagine.

Alexandria Moran is a mother, clairvoyant healer, teacher, and creator of the Third Eye Psychic School - an online educational platform for people of all ages to learn how to embrace their inherent, natural, and powerful clairvoyant gifts.

Through the Psychic Baby series, her mission is to help empower families in raising children who trust their inner wisdom and listen to their inner voice.

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