Dec. 16, 2021

Spirituality & Motherhood Episode 18: End of the Year Round Up

Spirituality & Motherhood Episode 18: End of the Year Round Up
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Thank you so much for being here with me this year! In this episode, I reflect on what I've learned from this podcast and what's coming up for the New Year. I also sit at my Ancestor altar and share a little more about what I've been into these days. 

If you have any takeaways from the interviews I've done this year, or want me to tackle something in the new year feel free to contact me. You can find me at Instagram at Spirituality_Motherhood_Pod, Twitter at JLancien77, or leave a message on my website:

See you next year! 
Immense Blessings


End of year Round up 

[00:00:00] Jeannette: Peace and innumerable blessings and welcome, welcome. Welcome to the spirituality and motherhood podcast, where we reside in that sacred space of where spirituality and motherhood and meet. In this space we'll explore everything from how ancestral and earth based spiritual practices and paths, shape motherhood to how having spiritual gifts impacts your experience 

[00:00:21] as a mother. My name is Jeannette. And I am your hostess and the mother of two boys Hoodoo, a psychic, a tree talker, and a lay herbalist. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for listening. Thank you for riding with me. It's a year, right? I think so. Thank you for being with me for this year. It's wild. 

[00:00:45] Let's dig in this episode, I'm going to do kind of like a round up. Yes, a round up a year round up of the wisdom that has touched me because we've talked to, you know, we've listened to a lot of a lot of different mothers from different spiritual paths. There's a lot of diverse wisdom, but there are certain things that kind of touched my heart and I wanted to share those things with you. 

[00:01:10] And I also wanted to share some more of my business and let you know what's coming on next year. So let's get started. These are a couple of my takeaways from the. If there are other things that you took away from some of the interviews I would like to hear about it. Cause , the intention of this podcast is to support you in your spiritual growth and your spiritual path as a mother. 

[00:01:34] So I'm really curious to know like what's nourishing you, you can get at me at Twitter at, JLancien 77, you're can get at me via the website. Leave a message, a vocal message, or write a message out at spirituality and motherhood You can also hit me up on Instagram spirituality, underscore motherhood, underscore pod. 

[00:02:00] Although, on Instagram, I be getting a little stressed because things are not the way they used to be it's a little sheisty over there, these days, everything sheisty, but Instagram just kind of makes me itch a little bit, just a little bit. All right. Let's stick it to these takeaways. And I want to hear what you took away for the year too. 

[00:02:22] So please get at me and share, the first thing, first thing is, to involve your children in your practice. Involve your children in your practice. Cause I was, I was not always sure how to do this. I'll be honest. I was not always sure how to do this. And to be completely honest, the kids taught me how to involve them. 

[00:02:47] And this is not something that we do all the time. We've done it less recently in this house because the ancestor altar is placed differently. But, it was really interesting to me and awesome for me to hear, like in our last interview, Assata Dela Cruz, and also with Mambo Liz, Ruth talking about children, tending the altar children, the ancestor, altar children building and cultivating a relationship with their ancestors by being included in their mother's practice. 

[00:03:15] And that feels so vital to making sure that our children remain spiritually connected to themselves. So I knew it was important to include like involve the kids, but like the ifs and the ans I wasn't always kinda sure on. And also like, you know, sometimes I would be putting herbs together for stuff, and it's like, I don't know if I should be discussing this, but I'm gonna do it. 

[00:03:42] Come on, in the kitchen huey. Let's learn. So it's involving children in the practice. Involving children in the practice involving children, the practice, even if it's a quick, like, you know, this is what I'm doing, this is how you do that. That was a big takeaway from me and also being okay with learning with your children. In facts you're going to learn what your children like hearing Mambo Liz Ruth, talk about learning about voodoo, with her youngest, that really touched me because, uh, I'm continuing to learn more about it. Um, continuing to learn more about African traditional religions. So with children in tow, so sometimes, you know, the children, the children hear about things like, um, there was, uh, a lively conversation about like the old man at the crossroads last week. 

[00:04:35] And I still have some more research to do on that, but I don't know this whole idea of like having children and knowing everything went out the window as soon as the eldest was born, I was like, I don't know, shit. I don't know nothing. I need to get used to this. So just being okay with learning with the children, something else, a big takeaway for me this year has been encouraging children and their own knowing and their own connection to spirit. 

[00:05:06] So I think that also incorporates, you know, making sure that you're including the children in their practice, but like also encouraging their connection to spirit and connection with theirself a bit like how, Dana, Dana Smith of spiritual essence yoga mentioned, and like having the children have like their own 

[00:05:26] Two minute meditations to make sure that they are able to stay centered in themselves and connected with themselves. Um, and also in the conversation with Aleia McDaniel of sole purpose, sisterhood, and hearing how she was able to support her child and being self-centered in a way where she had autonomy in herself. 

[00:05:53] Autonomy herself and being able, even though it's challenging sometimes to be able to still recognize that that's an important thing to be connected to yourself and to be autonomous as a child. And that also connects with the conversation with, uh, uh, Okfmo Dr. Ife Afreye. around her relationship with. Daughter and being able to see, or maybe she didn't do that and understanding and learning the lesson. 

[00:06:24] It's been very, that conversation also touched me in the sense of like how. 

[00:06:34] Your connection with spirit evolve can evolve with your connection with your kids and how, like, as your relationship to spirit changes, your relationship to your kids can change. I want to go back and listen to that one because. I feel like I'm in a space where like my relationship with the kids that changing, just because they're getting older, just because life is happening and knowing that like, there's still love that connects us. 

[00:06:56] And as you know, you still love it connects us and it's okay if things change. All right, 

[00:07:06] deep breath, next takeaway. Um, give yourself to your own spiritual path and development. And it's important to have faith and courage and dash of discernment and obedience as you follow your spiritual path, the conversation with, um, again with Assata Dela Cruz, and also what Liz , of light goddess. 

[00:07:32] Alchemy reminded me that our paths and our connections to spirit is not always like a clear, defined, straight line. And that spirit will call you. Spirit will call you and show up for you, just like it did with Tracy Kennedy. But like, you kind of need to give yourself to it. Especially as a mom, you need to give yourself to it because there's support in it. 

[00:07:57] Spirit wants to support us. Spirits wants us to love us, but in some ways we need to kind of give ourselves to the work that must be done. Or as you know, you know, Mambo Liz Ruth said, and alsoAssata Dela Cruz that said like, you know, honor, our birthright honor, our birthright cause many, many of us have mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers. 

[00:08:25] Aunts with spiritual gifts that we're not necessarily talked about or not necessarily, we didn't always get to see them in action. And in this space in day and time, we very much need to utilize all our abilities to make sure that we are able to thrive. Then our children are able to thrive. 

[00:08:47] And a big piece of that is giving ourselves over again, with, uh, like discernment into our own spiritual path. I say discernment because things aren't always people ain't always on the up and up and things aren't always clear, and it takes a little bit. There are some like, you know, there are some knocks, like you're going to get some clear turn left, you know, but sometimes things just ain't clear. 

[00:09:16] We need to sit in there for a second. And even though it seems really exciting and this is it, having the patience to sometimes take , a step back and sit on things and allow them to evolve. 

[00:09:32] That's that, um, and kind of like to piggyback upon that, um, and kind of like, you know, reach out like, I guess, big up Jocelyn Gordon and, um, Chakra Khan and say like, you know, having compassion for your, to have compassion for myself as I give myself over to my spiritual path, right. To have compassion for myself, because things are not always going to be easy. 

[00:10:08] They may not necessarily go, you know, How I imagine I may not end up in Bali. Weed may not show up for me and save my life, but there is a certain amount of like faith and obedience that allow everything to work. And if there's one thing that I have taken away from all these interviews is that like, when you show up for spirit, spirit or show up for you , it was touching to talk to Tracy Kennedy and realize , even though there have been hardships, you know, your ancestors and the earth and spirit will show up for you. 

[00:10:51] I have to say and kind of come back to the last takeaway is that, I am in awe of the might and the power and the love my ancestors, my helpful ancestors for me and our ancestors for all of us. It was really interesting to have the first interview with Sarah Marshall Neal and talk to a white woman about ancestor veneration, because that's not what I expected. 

[00:11:21] I'll be straight. That is not what I expected. And even like, um, Liz and I had a conversation another time about her ancestors in France and, and being ye encouraged to, to hear white women digging into their own ancestral reverence and understanding that like, Not understanding, but experiencing that sort of connection to the past, um, and realizing that they are, their ancestors are grounding them too 

[00:11:55] now, again, we all have work, but, it was just interesting to me to be like, oh, okay. So this goddess is also ancestrally connected to you and your people. And this land is ancestrally connected to you and your people. 

[00:12:12] And again, pulling it forward to our last interview with Assata DeLa Cruz and her, her ability to move and ability to do not just her ability, but a lot of what she does being connected to ancestors and the ancestors relationship with the land, which I kind of hope and hope to explore a little more next year, this connection with ancestors and land. 

[00:12:39] Because I find it interesting. I find it interesting. Cause I have moved a lot. Like I've lived I was raised in Virginia. I've lived in Portland. Good Lord. I lived in the DMV here I am in France. At some point I was in England. And in each of those places, excluding Portland, there is some sort of ancestral connection with the land. 

[00:13:08] There is. And whether it be empire and my ancestors, you know, having. Having ancestry that comes from the Caribbean and being in France and, and, you know, there's combination. These are connections between France and England and my ancestors and that. 

[00:13:26] Yeah. Anyway, next year I hope to do more exploration around ancestry and land because I'm in France and people look at me, black people look at me, they're like, where are you from? I'm from America. They're like, where are your folks from? Oh, you're Guadeloupean. I knew you were Guadeloupean, you know, I only found out about that ancestor two weeks ago with me being Guadalupean. 

[00:13:49] And you haven't even had this convo, Bonjour, okay. Like it's, there's a connection between space and ancestors and certain lands and where our PowerPoints are and where we need to be. But next year, next year, I'm calling it out. I'm praying it. I'm putting it in the prayer circle. All right. Again, like what were your takeaways? 

[00:14:08] These are my takeaways. From the year, if you want to share yours, I want to know, I want to hear about it. Be sure to get at me at Twitter, JLancien 77. Get at me on the, on the website, spirituality and mother podcasts or com or just get at me on Instagram spirituality, underscore motherhood, underscore pod , onward to the next segment where I tell my business, I'll let you know what's coming up for the new year. 


[00:14:44] Jeannette:  

[00:14:44] All right, let's do it. So I'm supposed to be over here by the ancestor altar telling my business. We going to see how this gonna go. This feels very much like, uh, speech or like my experience with the virtues of faith, obedience, and patience, because that's what I'm going through. I remember the last time I told my business, I talked about, Working through some ancestral trauma and, as I continue to work through it, it's been very sad. 

[00:15:24] It's been very sad, seeing how it has manifested and the present moment, like in the kids and seeing, yeah. Seeing them take it on and having sort of a deeper understanding of how. How family, they ended up messed up and how there's healing that you can be, that you do, right. There's healing that you do as an adult there is healing. 

[00:15:53] That's around, un programming yourself from, from society, from life, from the things that you learned from your family and how that gets even deeper once you have kids, because Lord it's, it's painful. It's painful. So as I continue to heal, as I continue to do the best that I can to support the kids in not reliving and recreating. 

[00:16:31] The trauma that was passed on me. I find myself, I find myself needing to anchor myself in, in faith, a lot more faith, knowing that, you know, if it was, if it was meant to be carried on, uh, my, my maternal grandmother wouldn't have said nothing. My, my, my maternal grandmother is one like through a reading, like, Hey, you, you need to, she kind of was nudging. 

[00:16:59] Cause I'd been working on it for a while. I've been working on this for awhile, this chunk of trauma for a while. And she was like, okay, you need to stop playing with it. You really need to like chew into this meat and spit out the bone and get on with it. So, um, knowing that, you know, my Honorable ancestors are working with me on it and having faith, knowing that together, me and my Honorable ancestors. 

[00:17:27] And, and all the other divine healing, supporting energies that are working in and around me and through me are working on this too. And that even though it feels hard and it feels lonely in some ways, uh, I'm very supported. I'm very supported. And to have faith in that, I know that I'm very supported when I go to Twitter and I see like, it's amazing. 

[00:17:55] I swear, like, yeah. Ancestors and spirit just be sending me tweets tweets that I need to see to encourage me, but also to kind of poke me and help me think deeper helped me feel deeper running across all these books. 

[00:18:12] Books that are helping me unpeel trauma. And if, if you sitting there thinking, but why aren't you talking to a therapist, a therapist, they cost money and b like, I, you know, I had a therapist, but that's, that's a story. That's a story for a few months later. Maybe next year. I'll tell it. It wasn't, it didn't end. 

[00:18:34] Well, it was not pretty. And that's okay. But like, you know, I'm not like in a therapist space right now. I kind of need to eat the rats head slowly by myself. I have these ancestors in my head, they're always talking about eating the rat's head slowly. Whenever there is a situation that requires patience and faith, they're like eat the rat's head slowly. 

[00:18:56] I'm like,why a rat's head? Why are we always talking about rat head over here? So once again, I'm by the altar. So that's, what's going on with the rat head. Anyway, Faith and need for faith and for patience and understanding that healing takes its own time and is its own process. And that it's important to, uh, do what I can to be present with myself and kind with myself and compassionate with myself, understanding that the more compassion that I have for myself and what I'm going through or healing through. 

[00:19:38] And, and working with, with the children to heal through. the more I have compassion for, for my ancestors and realizing that I I'm blessed with Amazon prime and a Kindle there there's so many, there's like I have access to information and support and resources that they didn't have. So as I continued to chew on this trauma and feel pieces of white supremacy in it feel pieces of, of yeah. 

[00:20:11] The impact of slavery in it, impact of being separated from your people, feeling powerless. As I feel like all these different feelings that stem that feel like they braid together in a bunch of different people's experiences and turn into like, Trauma that was inflicted on me. I can have more compassion for that because I'm learning to have compassion for myself and separate myself from what was done to me and, um, being willing to ease up off that story. 

[00:20:49] It doesn't have to be a story that I wear and I take with me. Wherever I go and I live from, cause it's not, it was something that was done to me. It was put on me. It wasn't necessarily, it's mine in the sense of like, you know, there's trauma on the ancestral line, but it's not mine in the sense of, um, yeah. 

[00:21:13] Yeah. There's certain things I'm not willing to own anymore, which has been interesting in its own respect. And it feels like I should talk about how I'm doing the best I can to. Support the children as I work through stuff. Cause sometimes it gets messy this morning. I was drying tears cause I was at the alter and my grandmother came through when I was like, oh God, they're playing Lego. 

[00:21:36] And, and I don't have it to cry in front of them today. So one of the things I've been doing is I have been stepping up on spiritual hygiene and working with specific herbs. Having specific herbs that support the children and maintaining their own space where they're not necessarily taking things on because there's herbs that will help you maintain your own spiritual, energetic auric boundaries. 

[00:22:08] So you can maintain your sense of self and just not take crap on because children are sponges, but they don't have to take everything on if they're able to understand, like, you know, just because you see this done does not mean that's the only way to do. And that doesn't even mean it's right for you to do. So 

[00:22:27] um, spiritual hygiene, cause I'm good for a spiritual bath. Everybody gets spiritual bath over here, to be honest, also putting stuff under, under their pillows and under their bed. So certain energies just don't hang on to them at night. Don't find them at night. And that is what it is. That is what it is. 

[00:22:52] Yep. And that's all that needs to be said about that. But also some parenting things parenting in a way where, um, certain behaviors are addressed and nipped in the bud. So they don't blossom.into something more certain behaviors and attitudes and perspectives because by paying attention to the children, I can sometimes see the bud of the flower of foolishness getting ready to like, you know, is there it's like, okay, well, let's kind of divert the juice and the energy and the nutrients into something else. 

[00:23:29] So they won't end up. Repeating the cycle through their relationships, repeating their cycle, the relationship with theirselves shoot. So that's how I've been kind of working with the children through it. And that work is definitely facilitated by compassion and, and a bit of mindfulness too. Being willing, to witness and see my own emotions and catch my emotional reactions. 

[00:24:00] Cause. For me, the patterns are very much rooted, not just in my emotions, not in the emotions. Emotions are like, kind of like, um, it's like the wind drives the water, right? So if I see the water moving, I can eventually see where the wind is blowing from and, and have some compassion for the wind, understanding that these thoughts that are guiding and driving my emotions. 

[00:24:27] It's not that they're not right, but they're, they're rooted in trauma. So I need to have compassion for those thoughts and realize, okay, well, this is not the reality that still is, this is what was, and I don't need to continue to react to, or see life this way. Um, and also being willing to focus on being in ways that take back my power. 

[00:24:53] That reclaim my peace, every claim, my sovereignty. Yes. And yeah. Being able to act in those ways, move in those ways, recognizing when I'm not moving from a space that is, that is sovereign of myself. That is powerful of myself. That is leading to my peace. Yes, yes, yes. And it also feels like I need to talk about obedience. 

[00:25:20] Because obedience has been a word that's in my mouth. That has been very challenging for me because I am not an obedient woman. 

[00:25:32] Even as a child, I was not obedient because as a child, as a child, I heard spirit. And I traffic was spirits. And when, when nobody was around, I was playing with them spirits, right? These spirits on the land, they 200 years old, this is the spirit of a tree. This is the spirit of the flower. I see what you adults do. 

[00:25:53] And it seems to be full of drama and foolishness. Why am I listening to you? You don't make no damn sense. These flowers. They makes sense. This tree, Hey. This, these dead people over here, they speak the truth. You flip. Okay. You put, I don't know why. So, like, as, as a child, I've never been obedient 

[00:26:19] had spaces where I had to be obedient because it was about survival, but it's interesting now being in a space. Where my Honorable Ancestors, are, really trying to help me. They are really trying to help me. There are like this core group. It was like, okay, we need you Jeanette to turn left. We need you to prepare to turn left. 

[00:26:46] I'm like what? I ain't turn left. They're like, look, man. Ma'am time's a wasting situations, precarious turn left, and then like, it doesn't help that. I also have some ancestors, like you don't do what you want. We'll help you with what you can do, what you want now we'll help you. And I'm like, see, y'all after my heart. 

[00:27:04] And this is a problem. Cause I like to do what I want. That at the same time of like, you know, you heard in the other segment, you know, obedience and following your spiritual path and all this. I was sitting through that interview with Assata like, Lord who did this to me, obedience. Y'all funny. Y'all obedience, obedience. 

[00:27:28] I had a reading once where my dad came through and was like, yeah, she was never obedient. No. And I was like, look, Old man you tell my business, tell my business to this woman. What you're doing anyway. Point is I'm not obedient and I'm sh I'm scruggling. I'm struggling. I'm struggling with obedience and surrender because as somebody who has trauma, it's not, obedience has not always worked for me. 

[00:27:58] Obedience got me to give up a large chunk of my self, my life, my juice, what was important to me, my power, obedience screwed me. So it's really hard to. To be in a space where like, I, I need to be obedient. 

[00:28:20] And even when they send me help, they were like, make us a pound cake. And I'm like, I'm gonna make you a pancake. I don't know how to do that. So they were like, here, here's a recipe. I was like, y'all are silly. I was like, I don't know if I can make this pancake. I started to make the poundcake and the boys came and helped and made the pound cake. 

[00:28:35] And they were like, see, when you are obedient, we can help you. I'm like y'all petty. sending them children to make this pancake with me, I guess I need to learn something about obedience. I guess I could try. I try to be more obedient. We'll see how it goes. They like this is a precarious situation we aint got time for you to be wilding. Don't be wilding on us. 

[00:28:58] And then again, they're like some male aspects as, as in the backlight, you can wild. wild out I feel like I should be like, no, but. There's a part of me likes a little ruckus, but I have to, I guess I have to keep the ruckus at a minimum minimum because the situation is it's kind of critical over here to need to be obedient and practice discernment, discernment, making decisions that lead to peace, making decisions that bring my power back to me, making decisions that are challenging. 

[00:29:37] yet ultimately healing for myself and the children and being able to recognize when I am moving from ancestral guidance, like honorable ancestral guidance, because again, like, you know, I have the inner streaks of ruckus and you know, that's not just me. The ruckus didn't come from nowhere. There's some ancestors prone to ruckus. 

[00:30:06] And you know, eh-- that's that I'm noticing when I'm moving from things that are in divine alignment versus unhealed part of my selves, unhealed parts of myself, and just been interesting in terms of working with, with nature spirits. Cause I God, I love nature. I love nature spirits. I make offerings to nature spirits all the time. 

[00:30:32] Like I just, I really enjoy it. Like I get off on it. I get off on it's the day of mercury and I'm going to set some incense to the wind I get off on its Friday, ruled by Venus. And I'm a chill with the water I get off on feeding the earth. I just get off on it. I get all. On my fire gazing when I actually remember to do it, Jesus Christ. 

[00:30:57] Anyway, I get off, but like, um, the spirits are like, you need to calm down. I've said this before in this podcast that I need to calm down. Like, you know, like you just, just show up, show up and chill. So I've been doing more showing up and trying to chill and it's been, it's been nourishing. It's been a space for me more to unwind and create spirits to here. 

[00:31:27] It's also been a space where I find that oftentimes the wisdom I'm given from my honorable ancestors will be, um, echoed by nature echoed by helpful nature spirits. Now there are some nature spirits. Not everybody is like loving light and wanting to support you. Cause a lot there's, there's some who are angry and even the ones that are angry, like I get it. 

[00:31:59] I, I, Hey, I, you know, we, we ain't shit, I get it. So, but also realizing like, there are ones who were kind of around me and they like helping me and being realizing like, Um, they are not my ancestors, my honorable ancestors, but they very much are in harmony with my Honorable ancestors and their, um, their, their advice doesn't necessarily echo one another, but it supports one another. 

[00:32:31] Like, you know, the ancestors will tell you, tell me to make, you know, cinnamon, cinnamon toast. And like, I go out in nature and there's some bread and some cinnamon, some nutmeg and some sugar, just at the door. And it's not the ancestors because like, I, the ancestral energy feels different than, than energy from nature. 

[00:32:56] The energy will feel completely different. So yeah, realizing that, you know, there's a difference from when I'm moving from. Guidance that comes from nature guidance that comes from the ancestors guidance that comes from my highest self. And versus when I'm moving from a space that's unhealed, I'm noticing when I'm moving from a space that's unhealed, I'm usually giving too much, doing too much and doing too quickly, there might be some nerves with doing some of the stuff that like I've been told to do. 

[00:33:32] It's nervous. Like I want to get this right. Or nervous. Like, oh my God, this is so exciting. I can't believe I get to do this versus like anxiety. Like I hope this is sufficient. It's, it's totally different. Anyway, that's all that needs to be said. And that felt like it was alot. That was more than I thought it was going to be. 

[00:33:52] Anyway, this is the last. The last episode of the year. Thank you for being with me this year. I pray that it's been a blessing for you because it surely has been a blessing for me. Again, if you have any takeaways that you would like to share for the year, um, please get at me at JLancine 77 J Lanicen 77 LA N C I E N on Twitter or spirituality and motherhood where you can leave a message. 

[00:34:23] Or, at Instagram spirituality, underscore motherhood underscore pod. Um, yeah, get at me. So I'm really excited about this month coming up, the intention is to go back to twice a month, because I really enjoy this. So next month we have an interview lined up with Monique Ruffin, the moon mama. 

[00:34:50] I love talking to Asrologers. And it's been really a blessing to watch Monique Ruffin the moon mama on Instagram. She does daily videos that support you in navigating the energy of the day, which is the way she approaches life. I really appreciate too, because it's very empowered, very empowered and centered. 

[00:35:16] It was, it was just very powerful conversation. And I hope you do too and I'm scheduled to talk to Hess love. And when she said, yes, I nearly fell on the floor. So I'm looking forward to that. It's a party. Y'all, it's a party. It's going to be a good year, a good year full of the blessings and spiritual nourishment and all sorts of things. 

[00:35:42] Thank you for rolling with me this year. I can't wait to see you next year. Stay blessed. Peace.