Jan. 2, 2022

Spirituality and Motherhood Episode 19: Monique Ruffin, the Moon Mama

Spirituality and Motherhood Episode 19: Monique Ruffin, the Moon Mama
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This episode features Monique Ruffin, the Moon Mama. Monique is a Spiritual Life Coach, Astrologer, and Mother of a loving teenager.

In this interview, we chat about white supremacy, discuss raising children to remain connected to themselves, and reminisce about the joys of sitting with old people.  

Here's a bit about Monique: 
When she was three years old she was sent to live with her paternal grandmother and Watts. Her paternal grandmother had six children and was in her late fifties when she insisted that Monique's parents bring Monique over because they were being neglectful.

By the time Monique was 30, she'd experienced the death of both her parents and all of her grandparents. She wanted to do nothing but die, due to all the trauma that she was carrying in her body. It was the most difficult work of her life, but she started asking deeper questions to her highest self.

She stopped asking why me and started asking the universe to give her the strength and power to meet all of the obstacles that lay before her. She stopped resisting and began surrendering to the power within that desired solutions over escape routes for what felt like heartbreaking and scary.

At, one moment Monique heard herself say every difficulty and obstacle is an invitation to know what you're truly made of and who you truly are if you're willing to show up . The moment, Monique started showing up to herself compassionately and with love miracles started happening and wounds begin to heal.

She has studied with spiritual leaders and received certifications and degrees, but nothing qualifies Monique to support others in their healing work than the way her life experiences have. She's walked in the deepest shadows of self-loathing, co-dependence and addictive behavior. She knows the corridors of these feelings intimately and knows how to get free.

She knows it for herself and can assist you in knowing it for yourself too, Monique will use your natal chart to better understand your karmic path, the way your mind works and what truly makes you happy and what things you struggle and excel with your natal chart helps her understand the energies of the planets and how they're working within you.

She likes to call it the software system that you are running. During your work together Monique will use ritual, crystal grids, Reiki talk therapy lots of personal reflection, and lots of books, suggestions, videos, and homework assignments. She's been coaching for many years and her styles and techniques continue to expand and she learns more about serving her clients.

Monique's work is to help you learn how to create a life you desire and to take responsibility for the one you don't and working with Monique you can expect to be fully heard and seen without judgment. She creates a safe space, a witness, and support your healing and transformation journey. Once you learn how to create your life, you won't need to work with Monique anymore, which is always the goal.

You can find Monique on Instagram @ moniqueruffin, on Youtube @ MoniqueRuffin and via her website: MoniqueRuffin.com. 

Don't forget! If you have any questions pertaining to spirituality and motherhood or want us to tackle a specific topic hit me up at SpiritualityandMotherhoodpodcast.com.  

Thanks for listening :) I look forward to chatting with you again soon. 
Immense Blessings