August 07, 2021

Spirituality & Motherhood Episode 13: Mambo Elizabeth Ruth Part 2

In part two of this interview, Mambo Liz Ruth reminds us of the importance of walking your talk spiritually and mundanely. She also offers advice for mothers starting their spiritual path, shares a couple of stories about her own family, and shares wisdom gained from raising her daughters.

July 08, 2021

Spirituality and Motherhood Episode 12: Mambo Liz Ruth Part 1

In Part One of this two-part interview Mambo Liz Ruth of Big Liz  Conjure and Ezrulie's Garden shares a bit of her wisdom.  She dishes on spiritually empowering her daughters, her family's relationship with the Gede, and on her adventures as a Spiritual Practitioner, Education, and Diviner when COVID first emerged.