May 29, 2022

Episode 29: Adventures in Dissociation

Episode 29: Adventures in Dissociation

In this episode, I share how dissociation is helping me to mindfully create a supportive environment for me and the boys. Who would have thunk that all that trauma blessed me with survival skills? 

Please note that Cecile of Mommy Evolve and I are hosting a series of conversations on Motherhood. We'll be chatting every Tuesday at 2 pm EST from June 14th - July 5th.  Topics include: Raising the patriarchy, finding the courage to create solutions, the Divine Feminine, and the Motherwound. Got Questions for us? Leave them at or reach me via Twitter: Jlancien77 or Instagram: Spirituality_Motherhood_Pod. 

Thanks for listening. I can't wait to connect with you again soon!  

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